Learn the Proper Way to Use Your Tulsa Wood Burning Fireplace

Learn the Proper Way to Use Your Tulsa Wood Burning Fireplace

It truly is a wonderful luxury when your home is equipped with a fireplace. Apartments in Tulsa with fireplace are a great place to relax and unwind with friends, family, or just that a special someone. There are many ways to enjoy your fireplace, but also many important things to keep in mind while using it. Here are some tips on how to use your Tulsa … [Read more...]

3 New Year’s Eve Garlands to Hang Above Your Sunchase Fireplace


Getting ready to decorate your apartments for New Year's Eve can leave you with many ideas. If you want to decorate your apartments in Tulsa with fireplace, there are many wonderful ways you can add sparkle to your fireplace. Here are three garlands that would look great over your fireplace. Create a metallic garland using string and metallic … [Read more...]

4 Yoga Poses to Help Relieve Stress During the Holidays in South Tulsa


At your apartment in South Tulsa with fitness center, you have 24-hours access to exercise and more than enough space for some post-exercise yoga. Here are a few poses that will help you rejuvenate your body and mind, relieve post-exercise muscle and back pain, and reduce your holiday stress to a minimum: Sit down near a wall, cross your legs, … [Read more...]

Try the Buffalo Chicken Wrap at Brook Restaurant in Tulsa

Try the Buffalo Chicken Wrap at Brook Restaurant in Tulsa

Keeping healthy while eating out can be difficult, but if you know where the low-carb offerings are, it can be as easy as dining in. Our apartments in Tulsa are near many restaurants that can offer you a healthy dining experience. At Brook Restaurant & Bar, wraps and low-carb menu items are offered for those watching their figure. The buffalo … [Read more...]

Senior Dog Tips From Woodland South Animal Hospital in Tulsa

Woodland South Animal Hospital - Senior Dog Tips

Dogs are definitely one of life's purest forms of joy. Still, the biggest downside to having a furry friend is how short our time with them is. That's why we want to do everything in our power to ensure that our pups will be with us for as long as possible. If you have a dog entering into his or her senior years, then there are plenty of things to … [Read more...]

Bring the Family Out to the Jingle Bell Run in Downtown Tulsa

Jingle Bell Run

There is a long history of runs in Tulsa to raise money for local and national charities. The Jingle Bell Run is an award winning run to raise money for arthritis research and treatment. The Jingle Bell Run has been chosen as one of the "Most Incredible Themed Races" in the country. Participants are encouraged to don their most festive holiday … [Read more...]

Ways to Go Green on Your Tulsa Laundry Load


Our residents are fortunate at our apartments in South Tulsa with laundry. There's such a convenience in the ability to do laundry at home. Make note of the following eco-friendly laundry tips, and be good to your environment when laundering your clothes. Wash your clothes using cold water as hot water requires significantly more energy to heat … [Read more...]

Finish Dinner with a Chocolate Pecan Pie at Michael V’s in South Tulsa

Finish Dinner with a Chocolate Pecan Pie at Michael V's in South Tulsa

You might be interested in dining out tonight, but focus on the dessert menu for choices of where to eat. Michael V's specializes in its variety of dessert offerings and even caters events for those in love with their food. Few restaurants in South Tulsa feature their desserts as specialties, but Michael V's Restaurant & Bar has every reason … [Read more...]

Bring a Cape to the Bixby Superhero Run in Bentley Park

Bring a Cape to the Bixby Superhero Run in Bentley Park

The luxury living that is available at Sunchase is enough to make you feel like a celebrity. If you want to make the jump from feeling like a celebrity to looking like a superhero, why not take part in a 5K run in Bixby? The Superhero Run takes place on November 15th in Bentley Park. The event starts at 8:30 am, with the 1K run kicking of an hour … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Relax An Overactive Dog in South Tulsa


We're happy that our pet-friendly apartments in South Tulsa offer so many amenities for our residents and their amazing companions. Still, having a pet can be a challenge. If you happen to have a hyper pup on your hands in your pet-friendly apartments in South Tulsa, then we have a few suggestions. Here are some tips on how to relax your overactive … [Read more...]

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VIDEO: See Our Tulsa Apartments Up Close


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Check Through Apartment Units Before New Residents Come

Check Through Apartment Units Before New Residents Come

Creating a great first impression with a new resident doesn't always happen when they first visit the community to view a unit, fill out an application, or finalize their lease agreement. In many cases, the real first impression occurs when they take those first steps through the door into their new home and see it as their own. You can be proactive … [Read more...]

Strengthen Resident Retention with Great Customer Service


The strongest apartment communities are those that can retain residents. At Case & Associates, we take pride in our customer service, and we are happy to share resident retention tips to turn your community into the best it can be. Providing excellent customer service that includes quick responses to residents’ queries and concerns and … [Read more...]

Simple Ways to Make Your Community More Eco-Friendly

Simple Ways to Make Your Community More Eco-Friendly

Nowadays, people are concerned about the future of our planet. With that in mind, residents are making a conscience effort to reduce their carbon footprint. As a property manager, you are in a unique position to really make a difference. Make note of the following green property management tips to implement at your apartment community. If your … [Read more...]

Keep Residents Happy with Rental Perks

Keep Residents Happy with Rental Perks

You don't need statistics to know that happy residents are more likely to reside in apartment communities longer than unhappy ones. Providing residents with rental perks is one thing that makes them happy. The perks you offer, however, need to be creative, unique, and relevant to your community; there is no point in offering a service that does not … [Read more...]

Prepare Your Community Landscape for Cold Winters

Prepare Your Community Landscape for Cold Winters

As a property manager, you're aware of the importance of curb appeal. Plants and flowers add beauty and a liveliness to your housing community. Taking steps to prepare your landscaping for cold temperatures is necessary to protect your plants and flowers. Check out the United States's Department of Agriculture's Hardiness Zone Map to determine … [Read more...]